1. The Right Fit, Every Time.


When pulling a custom suit off of its hanger and putting it on, you can be confident knowing that the fit is perfect every time. The jacket and trousers are the ideal lengths, and the legs and body fit with just the right amount of ease for movement. Your sleeve pitch is correctly aligned, so there are no wrinkles in the arm. A measurement of posture ensures you never see lines at the base of your neck.

You’re a head-turner, you gorgeous person. Everywhere you go, we want you to be a juggernaut in style.

An off the rack suit, while being initially cost-effective, can cost you a significant amount in alterations if purchased in a style and size not compatible with your body. Of course, we at Only One Tailoring are focused on alterations and gladly handle them every day. Still, we’ve lost count of how many people we send out the door to return their new purchase because the cost would be too great to alter. Also, the fit still wouldn’t be what the customer wants, comparing to a custom suit, even if they did spend the money.

Why is that? Because a computer program that spits out patterns based on universal measurements can never achieve the level of accuracy as the human eye can. Yeah, that may seem like a bit of an impossibility, but hear me out.

How do you explain to a computer that something doesn’t “feel” right?

Computers are number crunchers and are exceedingly efficient at it. But they can only take input and supply only output. Meaning that no matter what, it’s limited to what we tell it. But how do you explain to a computer that something doesn’t “feel” right? How do you explain that what it says you need isn’t what you want? That’s where a tailor and their expertise shines.

Which brings me to my next point.

2. You Receive Help From Someone Who Cares.

Like I said above, computers cannot give you personalized help. Human emotion is far too complex to explain to a primary input/output machine. When a clothier talks to you about what you’re looking for, they use their experience to ensure you get what you want. When a tailor translates your measurements onto paper, those same goals, expectations, desires, and needs become a part of every stroke of the pencil.

Measuring a body takes more than fancy computerized camera equipment

Custom clothiers know the fit and finish of a properly made garment like the back of their hand. Their expertise goes miles towards saving you time and money in the long run. Custom tailors make the garments your clothier suggests, and you agree upon. Without the three persons working together towards your benefit, you cannot guarantee that a custom suit fits and fulfills your needs.

Measuring a body takes more than fancy computerized camera equipment or a list of measurements handed down by the tailor. A clothier and tailor have the capability of translating every part of your body into a two-dimensional pattern, which then gets turned into a three-dimensional custom suit or shirt.

Over time, a custom clothier learns your style

The personal touch received is more than just the sum of its parts. Over time, a custom clothier learns your style, even to the point of picking fabrics you’ll love with near 100% accuracy. Likewise, a custom tailor knows your body better than you do. They’re able to analyze your curvature and perfections to ensure that your pattern is uniquely you. 

You will never receive that type of service from an off the rack shop.

The reason for that is we’re not just here to usher you in and out, so we get our commission. Our end goal is to forge a relationship that stands the test of time. All ready to wear stores with inventory, and even custom clothiers who play-act like they are tailors are doing one thing—trying to stay in the black. Purchasing stock garments and acting as a one-man-show is the exact opposite of what real custom is, and drives the movement of a product rather than creating ideal pairings.

It’s why we’re considered the real thing among a plethora of charlatans in Nashville.

3. The Quality Is Unmatched

Fabric, specifically wool, comes in qualities and weaves too vast to list in this post. To touch on it quickly, wool is a living fiber. It’s natural and requires special care and love. When wool fibers get woven into cloth, the method used for doing that dictates how a garment reacts.

The point is that when you buy off the rack, the fabric those garments are made from is most likely the bottom of the barrel. Material for use in cheap ready to wear is designed and made in bulk and in a lot of cases made from Chinese cloth that won’t last the test of time.

in a factory-style setting, there are multiple cut corners to get you that $400 off the rack suit

Inexpensive ready to wear garments have sub-par internal structure as well. For context, the average cost of just the internals in one of our top line bespoke jackets is around $240. Taking roughly 10 hours to pattern and assemble those same pieces. These numbers cannot exist in ready to wear garment markets, so in a factory-style setting, there are multiple cut corners to get you that $400 off the rack suit.

Does that mean that ready to wear is always junk to be avoided in favor of custom suits? I’d be silly to say yes. High quality ready to wear garments exist. Still, most carry a designer’s names and begin their life in the same factories as budget garments, albeit with higher standards and much higher retail cost.

When you sit down with us, a presentation of the world’s most beautiful fabrics is displayed. Each one hand-selected by the custom clothier and tailor to fit the profile we’ve made for you. All done before you walk in the door.

Most of the materials we use for custom clothing come from Huddersfield, England, and Italy. None of our fabrics come from China unless we’re talking silk. We source our internal pieces from domestic suppliers where possible, and never cut corners to get a better margin.

you’ll rarely have to worry about wearing the same sport coat as Billy from accounting

By buying a custom suit from a reputable tailor, you are creating an experience that’s catered to your tastes while exploring new possibilities. Most importantly, you’re not wasting your time going from store-to-store only to find something that hundreds have already purchased. You get what you genuinely want with custom garments. And you’ll rarely have to worry about wearing the same sport coat as Billy from accounting.

4. Uniqueness And a Personal Touch.

We’ve all seen movies where the main protagonist walks into a room wearing the same outfit as another person. It’s a nightmare not thought about until it happens. You can avoid that by shopping for local businesses who keep tabs on what their customers have bought. We maintain a list of every garment sold in our showroom, so we can be sure if you share the same office with another of our clients, you won’t walk around in “their suit.”

custom clothing is just that – customizable

Regarding personal touch, do you want different thread colors for your sleeves than on your lapel or front buttons? How about a special lining or piping on the interior to stand out or show off your favorite color combination? Even down to monogram, custom clothing is just that – customizable.

We have people from across the country who work with us for custom clothing. Our personal touch is not lost when performing virtual fittings, either. In the height of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, we’ve innovated. We are actively taking virtual fitting appointments daily with a simple mailer kit explicitly produced for each of our clients, including a specialty made sample garment used as a baseline for measurements and patterning.

Included in each of these mailing kits is a selection of materials and books hand-selected by our clothier based after a one to one interview process. So when you open the box, you are opening a truly bespoke experience, every time.

When you try on one of our sample garments during your virtual fitting, you’ll understand how important it is to have a team like us behind you

Our group of tailors with over two centuries of combined experience review the virtual fitting our lead tailor attends with you and the clothier. He easily critiques what needs to be changed and has unmatched accuracy in his field. When you try on one of our sample garments during your virtual fitting, you’ll understand how important it is to have a team like us behind you.

Talk about the personal touch!

5. A Lifetime Partnership.

When you work with a custom tailor and clothier like us, you’re entering a beautiful relationship that can last decades. Our focus is always on ensuring that your clothing needs get fulfilled. In return, you’re helping your tailor maintain their small business. As I said, it’s a beautiful relationship!

However, a partnership like this isn’t just between people the people involved. You and your garments are partners as well. When built correctly out of high-quality material and taken care of properly, your custom wardrobe will last generations.

we know every facet of your wardrobe down to the micro-measurement

When you open your closet, you need to know that you have what you need, every time. We work closely with you and even come to your house when possible to walk through what you have and what you lack. Doing this ensures that we know every facet of your wardrobe down to the micro-measurement.

Without this kind of service, you’ll never know what to buy and when to buy it. Just like a financial planner handles your money, your tailor and clothier should manage your wardrobe. 

In a time where we see a massive shift towards sustainability, custom clothing is one of many on the front lines helping to achieve that goal. Thankfully we’re also seeing a trend towards supporting small businesses that truly set themselves apart by being “for the people.”

At Only One Tailoring and Fior Bespoke, we create high-quality custom suits and other garments to fit your lifestyle. We promise that when you slip on one of our custom suits and shirts made for you, you’ll never want to wear anything else. They’re that good.

we never use China to make our clothing

From measurements to the final build, we never use China to make our clothing. As vital as you supporting small businesses like ours is, we have a responsibility to maintain healthy relationships with facilities that ethically treat their people.

We’re also one of few in Nashville that have openly taken this stance. Our goal is to create bespoke clothing in-house and affordable yet high-quality custom clothing.

When you’re ready to get started, schedule a private in-person or virtual appointment by clicking here.