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A 4th Generation Family of Tailors

Being a tailor is one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced. With our roots firmly planted in the rich soil that is the ever evolving city of Nashville, we are a small business with large aspirations.

I’ve never held another job and never punched a clock for anyone. I’ve done nothing but sew since I was in my single digits. I can barely remember my life before I started. It’s no secret that I’m a grade-school drop-out. I’m not ashamed of it, nor do I attempt to hide it. Before there were schools, there were family trades. Children followed their parent’s line of work and took over when it became time. My family has been tailoring clothing professionally since the late 1800s.

Can you think of a more beautiful way to keep a tradition alive? I can’t.

The soul of Only One Tailoring was conceived and nurtured by my parents through the sweat of their brow, sore fingers, and an uncompromising dedication to their clientele. For a quick background note, my mother started as my grandmother’s apprentice at six. As she progressed in her apprenticeship, she won countless competitions and placed second to only the eldest and best of her time.

In 2009, after apprenticing under my mother for almost seventeen years, I was entrusted with the leadership of my parents’ other baby, Only One Tailoring.

Since then, I’ve expanded the business to employ some of the most talented people I have ever met. They adhere to the same foundation that I was taught growing up — always do everything you can to make sure your client’s needs are taken care of. That foundation is the reason we’ve skyrocketed to be Nashville’s highest rated alterations and tailoring shop. I hope that our passion and dedication is seen in everything we do for you.

Every morning, we open the doors dedicated to keeping the heart of what my parents built at the forefront of who we are. My team and I thrive on continuing their model of positivity, caring, compassion, and love of what we do.

Sure it sounds cheesy, but you guys are the reason we have a smile on our faces every day.

With love,


We Love Serving Our Nashville Community

“The team at Only One did a wonderful job with my wedding dress. When the employee that was altering my dress got injured shortly before my wedding day Aaron stepped in and personally worked late to ensure my dress was finished in time. He is not satisfied until everything is perfect with your garment and will ensure he works until it is that way. Everyone at the shop is very highly skilled and I'm thankful I trusted them with my wedding dress. In addition to the high skill level, they are also great about scheduling and will work to fit you in. I would definitely use Only One Tailoring again.”
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Shaina P.

100% Locally Tailored

Unlike dry-cleaners and some other alteration shops, we keep a full staff of living wage paid seamstresses and tailors on-site at our Nashville location in Melrose/Berry Hill. Our 3,400 sq/ft facility is specially designed and laid out to ensure privacy and space for each of our clients.

From first pin to pickup, our industry-leading software tracks your order, keeps you informed, and lets us take notes on every single stitch we make. No paper and handwritten notes here! Every single step (except for the alterations themselves!) is automated and built from the ground up to give you the peace of mind you need about the garments you love.

Our system works so well that you’ll never even know it’s there.

We Hire Only the Most Skilled Tailors

With over three centuries of combined experience in tailoring, we have a unique capability to fit you perfectly, every time.

Let our specialists work hand-in-hand with you to bring to life your every request and help express your style, no matter what garment you bring in.

It doesn’t matter if we’re hemming a pair of pants, attaching a patch, or sewing a bespoke suit from scratch. We’re here to make your life easier through curating your closet with perfectly fitted clothing.

Our clients rave about being able to open their closet and know every single piece they own fits exactly like it should.


Fast Service

High-Quality, Fast, and Convenient. Gone are the days where you’re forced to choose two of the three. Not only are we conveniently located on 8th Ave S, we offer a high-quality rush order service for those of you that have an emergency or have no time to wait.

We have limited spots available on a case-by-case basis, so please call, text, or email us and we’ll do our best to work with your schedule!

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