An introduction…

This blog has a purpose of educating people from all around the world about the inner workings of the small business I call my own, and the fine art of tailoring I live as a profession. I may or may not hit the notes you’re looking to hear, but I promise from the second you start reading, I’ll always tell the truth — even if it might mean that I’ll be making enemies.

As a father of 3, it’s hard to not consider Only One Tailoring a 4th child. My days are spent running around being reminded of what I need to accomplish by my multiple right hands. I normally don’t sit down and rest for more than a few minutes a time, with lunch a rare treat. My love handles seem to be growing regardless of this exercise, so I blame it on being 35 — who wants to take the blame for the late night tortilla chips and salsa, anyway? The fact is, this is my baby. I spend nearly as much time as a father of 3 living, breathing, rambunctious single-digit aged miniature humans as I do on Only One. It’s my passion, my life, and something I’ve worked on for as far back as my memory can go.

Most of you know by now through our about us page how deep the roots of this business are. A lot of what Only One Tailoring is founded on is directly influenced by the kindness and love of my late mother, Cindy. I tell everyone that walks in the door that wants to hear about where we come from, that mom and I could shut the door for months and not see a soul except for the stylists and celebrities we work with. When word got out about who we are, why we are and what drives us to be our very best each day, the unbridled growth was astounding.

I get emotional any time I think about the success and growth my business is showing. It’s not the popularity that gets me; it’s the fact that mom and my late father, Michael (also my middle name!) will never get to see it. They had dreams of what the business could be. I honestly don’t think they thought it would turn into what it is now.

My life is tailoring. I live and breath what I do. I want to educate, enlighten, entertain and hold the hands of everyone reading this. Will you come with me on my journey?

This is going to be a great thing — I guarantee it.