A History of Nashville Tailors

Today I’d like to talk to you a bit more about who we are. Hopefully by the end you’ll walk away from this entry learning more about what it means to me to be one of the top Nashville tailors. Only One Tailoring exists because of my mother and father. They taught me everything about tailoring and how to run a business. My late father, Michael, ran day-to-day operations and marketing. My mom taught me how to sew with confidence and skill. Mom and dad have passed away, but the business remains as their legacy. My passion for what I do is unmatched. I’ve big shoes to fill, but I use every chance I have with my customers and projects to make things perfect and keep the legacy alive.

I make the promise daily that every second I spend awake I’ll spend in service to being a better person. I believe that by doing so, anyone can immediately become a better partner, parent and worker.

Dreams of growth

When 2009 rolled around and as my mother became increasingly ill with breast cancer, I sought out ways to diversify the business by not just being the “celebrity only” tailor my mother and I are so famous for. My gut told me over and over that diversification in our clientele was vital to our survival. Country music just wasn’t going to sustain us forever. Month after month we saw more people walking in our door. Mom continued to get sicker, but I continued to go the direction I thought best. After having the ability to lock our door for months on end without seeing anyone, the contrast of people ringing our shop doorbell almost daily was… crazy.

We slowly but surely gained ground against our competitors, most of which had been in a public facing business for decades. We began to receive reviews on our work, what we stood for and what our capabilities were. People started talking about us; even saying they called us their “Personal unicorn” in the tailoring world. We couldn’t believe the following we gained after such a short period of time — all gained by simply sticking ourselves out in the open and taking on work other than country musicians.”I remember the talks with my father like they were yesterday. My father told me I was crazy to try to expand alone, but he supported the direction I wanted the business to go.” He had dreams of being on the top echelon of Nashville tailors, but up until then we had been hidden behind a curtain.

Continuing tailoring from tragedy

After the passing of my mother, I brought on my wife to handle the bookkeeping, schedule and order tracking. Day in and out we worked to build on top of the concrete foundation that my parents so lovingly made. As we gained popularity, I had to add my first employees to take some of the load. It was a trying time for me because, up until that first interview, it was just mom and I. It’s not easy for a business owner to hand the reins to someone for the first time, no matter who that person is. It’s tough, it’s trying and it’s nerve wracking. These changes had to take place for Only One Tailoring to thrive and grow. I remember the first time someone besides me or mom conducted a fitting with a client.

I was a wreck emotionally. Up until that time, only mom and I had done a fitting. I knew in my heart that if I didn’t do the fitting myself, we’d fail as a business. I remember the talks with my father like they were yesterday. My father told me I was crazy to try to expand alone, but he supported the direction I wanted the business to go.

After the tragic fire that took down my place of business on Music Row, I thought the end had finally come for Only One Tailoring. With my father’s rebellious nature flowing through my veins, I stayed laser focused on recovery of garments as well as on reversing the loss of almost all of my machines. While this was going on, my wife, Katie, tasked herself with finding the next spot to call home.

She said she found the perfect spot. My apprehension was strong, but when I went to go see it, I was sold.

Starting over from nothing

Working from our home in Hendersonville, with our employees driving from Nashville to get there, we worked with connections in the music industry to find a temporary home. The help came by way of Ocean Way Studios, Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney.

My team and I temporarily relocated twice before settling down at our now permanent home. It’s been almost 5 years since the move, and things have progressed steadily upwards. The following we’ve gained is due to 3 things: our skill in alterations, our integrity, and our customer service. Only One Tailoring is now a collective of 12 talented people; each one with special and individual skills that we use to serve our clients.

In 2018, I fully unveiled my line of custom clothing, which I use to compete with the multitude of made to measure companies in Nashville. By leveraging our skill and capabilities, we create real, “on the bench”, bespoke suits made in the old world style, right on our cutting table and machines. To accompany this, the made to measure line is an affordable alternative for suits and shirts. To learn more about our custom clothing, click here, and to learn more about the differences between bespoke and made to measure, click this link to another site for a no holds barred article on how they differ.

I want every man and woman to be able to afford a custom garment with the backing of a real tailor, not some salesperson.

Why we persevered

I’ve focused on growing Only One Tailoring because it’s a lifelong journey of fit and finish. This is just a small portion of the story that made Only One Tailoring what it is today. It’s what made us of of the most sought after Nashville tailors.

Come in and meet us. Talk with us at length about your needs, even if it’s just style advice. We’re here for you, and we’re here to stay!